Timmy Pickles - Original vintage men's accessories from the 1940s to the 1980s.

Vintage self-tie bow ties were the inspiration for the Timmy Pickles collection. This form of neckwear has been popular for many years and is now, more so than ever before, a must-have item in any man's wardrobe. Self-tie bow ties demonstrate a gentleman's dextrous skills and sartorial style.

Clip-on bow ties are uber cool retro made in styles and designs that are impossible with self-tie bows. Pre-tied bow ties allow for a more straightforward combination of the self-tie with the design possibilities of the clip-on. Whichever style you choose (why not try them all?), you can find the best quality and choice at Timmy Pickles.

For those gentlemen with alternative ideas of what to wear around the neck, Timmy Pickles also carries a wide range of long neckties. From ultra-wide and short vintage swing ties, perfect to go with your vintage zoot suit, through to ultra skinny ties to finish off your Sta Prest suit. There is a selection for everyone.

Timmy Pickles neckwear even caters for those vintage western fans. A wide selection of bolo ties, or bootlace ties as they are sometimes called, is available. Perfect for bringing that line dancer out in you or for finishing off your Vincent Vega Pulp Fiction look.

To complete the vintage gentleman's sartorial collection, Timmy Pickles has a wide range of finishing accessories such as cufflinks; tie pins; tie clips; braces etc.