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Vintage Self Tie Bow Ties

Vintage Self tie bow ties are the ultimate expression of sartorial individualism. Not only do you clearly have the confidence to express your individual sense of style, you take the trouble to search for the perfect vintage self tie bow tie and not just pick one up in the high street.

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About self tie bow ties

Learning how to tie a bow tie not only gives a great sense of satisfaction, but also demonstrates a gentleman's digital dexterity. What lady could resist the alluring combination of sophisticated dress sense and precision manual skills.

Vintage Self Tie Bow Ties come in two main styles called batwing and thistle respectively. The batwing style bow tie is essentially a straight parallel sided strip of fabric. The width of the strip, or depth of the tie can vary considerably, but they are mainly seen fairly narrow. If the look you are aiming for is a more flamboyant bow then the thistle style is for you. The curved shape allows for a wide ended bow without too much bulky material interfering in the mechanics of the knot. The design is very logical if you think about it in this way. Vintage bow ties of either the bat wing or thistle style can also come with square or pointed ends. The pointed ends can give a very nice effect, but do require a little more consideration when knotting to ensure that both ends are on show.

Whichever style you favour, and whatever pattern you choose, the vintage self tie bow tie is a wardrobe essential for any self respecting gentleman.