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Vintage Pre-tied Bow Ties

It's late. You are panicking. Your infinitely better half is screaming up the stairs that you have to leave now! She told you that you didn't have time to watch the end of Top Gear, but you didn't listen. You thought you could still get ready in time, but you were wrong. You need to make an impression tonight, you need to stamp your style on the evening, but you know that in your current state you will never be able to tie your favourite thistle end, paisley vintage bow tie......

But thankfully you are the kind of person that anticipated just such a time of stress and invested in a magnificent vintage pre-tied bow tie. Quickly slipped under the collar and hooked together, you are good to go. Crisis averted, other half happy, style criteria met.

Fabulously stylish, with designs and patterns available that would be impossible with a self tie bow tie. A stunning sartorial statement, the vintage pre-tied bow tie is an item you cannot afford to be without.


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